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Independent Bookstores in the Burnaby/ Vancouver Area

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share a list of independent bookstores that can be found in the Burnaby/ Vancouver area. I discovered most of these just a few months ago when I was looking to buy the books I needed for my English class. I bookstore hopped with a few friends and all the stores we visited were super helpful in helping us find or order what we needed, and had Covid protocols put into place! There are so many more options while shopping at independent bookstores as most of them sell both new and used books at discounted prices, and allow customers to trade in their old books for store credit! It also is a great way to help support a local business. *Photos used in this post are not my own (sources linked), cover photo from Canva*

Iron Dog Books

Iron Dog Books is an Indigenous-owned bookshop and they also have a booktruck! This was my second time visiting Iron Dog Books and I will definitely be back. They sell new books, used books (often at discounted prices!) and book merchandise. If they do not have what you are looking for, they are likely able to order it to the store for you which is what one of my friends did! 

Iron Dog Booktruck Photo by Kevin Griffin

Pulpfiction Books

Pulpfiction Books was the first store I visited with a few friends as it was one recommended by our English professor. We found a few books here so we were off to a great start. They have a few different locations and also offer free shipping on orders!

Pulpfiction Books Photo by John Lee

Canterbury Tales Bookstore 

Canterbury Tales is located on “The Drive.” I definitely got the old bookstore vibe from this one with books stacked everywhere in a haphazard but organized order. This bookstore had a nice section for Canadian literature. With help from the lady there, I was able to find a used copy of a book I needed and get it at a discounted price!

Canterbury Tales Photo by Issabelle. F

Companion Books

Located in “The Heights” area of Burnaby, Companion Books is a staple and draws customers in with their eye-catching book and Harry Potter lego window displays. Sadly the resident bookshop cat passed away a few months ago, but he could always be spotted lounging through the window too.

Massy Books

Massy Books is an Indigenous-owned bookstore located in Chinatown. So far I have only browsed their online catalogue but I hope to visit soon! From the photos, it looks incredible and while a lot of used bookstores tend to be cramped, this one actually has an accessibility certificate! They have great shipping and delivery policies for the Lower Mainland so I would totally recommend checking them out if you are looking to order some books. (They also ship their books in recycled paper and cardboard, so it’s a win-win)

Have you visited any of these bookstores or would like to? Is there another great independent bookstore I don’t have on my list that I should know about? (Could be located anywhere!) What are your best used bookstore finds? Let me know in the comments below!


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