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Book Inspired Outfits: Procrastireader ft. Musings of a Middle Child

Hi everyone! This week’s post is a TikTok I created with Kayla at Musings of a Middle Child. We included 5 books and 10 outfits we’d wear if we were characters in each of these books. To find out more about the process behind the creation of it, you can read my process post for this week and Kayla’s here.

Here is a little breakdown of what inspired each outfit:

  1. Harry Potter: We initially weren’t planning to do an HP outfit but had all the pieces to do one so we started it off with a classic. Also, we really couldn’t resist that wand transition. We are both Hufflepuffs (as you may be able to tell from our books) in our school uniforms.
  2. The Raven Boys: This was one of the first series we both read and loved. Kayla’s outfit is inspired by the character Adam as he wears a Coca-Cola t-shirt in the book. Mine was again uniform inspired as the boys attend a fancy private school, Aglionby Academy.
  3. The Outsiders: This is one of our favourite books we had to read in high school. Neither of us had leather jackets to match the cover but we decided to go with the classic denim on denim greaser look.
  4. Aristotle & Dante: Since I reread this book in the summer I had the idea in my head to do an 80’s inspired look which I would totally wear if I was a background character or one of Ari’s school friends. Sadly, I forgot my colour block windbreaker at home (which I found in the back of my parents’ closet) but I wore my stripy top and pink corduroys. Kayla fact-checked with her parents on our 8o’s attire and she wore a windbreaker and bike shorts. We of course couldn’t forget our coloured scrunchies. 
  5. The Selection: An excuse to wear our prom dresses again? Okay! America’s dress on the cover of the book is also blue so she’d fit right into our entourage. We also had the idea to bop in them to “M to the B” but that didn’t happen sadly.

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