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Hi Everyone! Today I am sharing all the places I get my books. One great thing about books is you usually have a lot of options to find what you want or even something new! Overall, I think it’s split 50/50 on buying and borrowing for the most part though I do love to have copies of books I love (to re-read/annotate) so sometimes I will buy a copy of a book after I’ve borrowed it. *cover photo was taken by myself ft. Musings of a Middle Child*

I made a Venn diagram to show all the places along with pros/cons and will be going more in-depth in this post.


This is one of my favourite places to find new releases at a discounted price (usually around 50% off!). They often carry lots of new releases so this is where I go for the new Cassandra Clare or Rick Riordan books… Sometimes they even have special editions of books for Costco. They have great deals on box sets for popular series like Harry Potter and Twilight. A con would be that they only have a limited selection but this really is one of my favourite places to go especially for the books mentioned. (Except during a pandemic as I always feel as if I’m about to be run over by a shopping cart) If you ever lose me in Costco…you’ll know where to find me.

Used Bookstores,Thrift Stores, Library Sales

Some of the best places to find books for a steal! I would recommend going to one of these in the case that you’re looking for a popular book that’s a few years old. The cheapest books I’ve gotten are from the sale shelf at my library where they are around 25 cents each or at the thrift store on sale for 10. At the library, they usually are trying to get rid of books that are damaged but I’ve also found some in great condition (besides the library stamp and lamination). One of my favourite finds was a hardcover copy of Clockwork Princess (the family tree!). 


Okay, yeah I love visiting the huge stores even if it is just to look at the books… They do usually have discounts from the list price online and sometimes in stores which is nice, but I usually won’t go on a crazy haul unless I have gift cards.

Independent Bookstores

I talk about a few in this post! I definitely am happy to have come across some new bookstores and plan to go/ order from them more! I also love to visit local bookstores when I am travelling as it feels extra special. 


I love borrowing from friends and loaning to friends too. It’s like your own little library system! However, I would only really do this with people I trust because there are definitely people who will never return or damage your books… I realize I will also hold onto books for forever before I read them, so I usually offer my friends to take them back if it’s been a while. Overall, if you have close friends you can switch with I would recommend this as it’s really sweet to share/ recommend your favourite books and be able to talk about them together! At first, I was listing no annotations as a con but if they’re okay with you leaving little notes or sticky tabs in their book this can be really fun. I lent my friend a book once and she left all her sticky sumo wrestler tabs in it (so cute). 


I love the library! I can thank it for helping me grow into the avid reader I am today. A few years ago when I started buying more books I didn’t go as much but now I’ve kind of switched that around to borrow more books (& save money)! I mostly want to buy/ own books I love and will want to reread so the library is a great chance to read something I’m not sure if I’ll love. Libby is also great for ebooks to download on your phone or other devices. I usually prefer physical copies, but e-books are great for reading on the go. Cons are wait times because sometimes I’ll want to read a book asap and the wait time is 3 weeks+. Still, I love having the option to renew books so it’s a double-edged sword. Another con would be that you also need to be very careful to not damage any books. I still remember a time when I was little and I knocked a book my mom got into the bathtub… I also like to read while eating which has the potential to be disastrous… You can’t annotate, but I find I often use sticky tabs anyway while reading and then take note of the pages in case I get my own copy of the book.

And that’s all! Hope this was helpful if you’re looking to expand your shelves or time reading! What are your favourite places to get books?

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