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Peer Review #3: Average Sam

Hi everyone! This post will be another peer review, this time on the blog Average Sam! Average Sam is a blog celebrating all things creative as reiterated with the tagline on her banner: “Staying Creative. Trying her best.” If you are looking for new creative adventures, Sam’s site is the place to be as she posts new activities each week and encourages readers to join in by sharing photos of their creations in the comments! As I will be providing feedback and suggestions in this review, I will be addressing it to Sam. 

Hi Sam,

First off, I love the visuals on your site so much! It feels very fun and artsy with your use of primary colours, graphics, and of course the egg cursor! I think the sidebar where you highlight the “Activity of the Week” is also a great idea to pique the interest of your audience and get them involved with your site. This definitely helps to develop a feeling of consistency for your brand. It has a carefree association with it, which I think goes well with the backstory of creating your blog. As you mention on your about page, Average Sam has been a way to celebrate and engage in creativity without judgment and comparison – it’s for fun and highlights how anyone can be an artist! Also on your about page, I loved reading about your work with the community centre and how that care and passion shows through your blog with your “Let’s Cook!” section. One thing I think that could help further solidify your brand is to include your mission statement on your about page too.

When it comes to monetization, ads for craft stores like Michael’s or local craft stores come to mind. If you don’t want banner ads on your site, affiliate advertising could be another option to link to certain craft supplies that you use in the post or ones that are similar! Another option could be a Ko-fi linked on your sidebar. This way people who enjoy your posts and have maybe found a new craft idea, can make a small donation to buy you a coffee and support your work!

I got to take a look at your site near the beginning of the semester and remember loving your “cartoon yourself” post. I’m happy to see that you did the “What I would wear as a cartoon character” TikTok idea! It definitely goes along with the vibe of your content and your outfits are super cute! I think TikTok would be a great platform if you plan to make more content creation videos as there is definitely a space for crafty videos. I have seen a few “before and after” videos for creations that would be perfect for the type of content you make. (Here is a felting one that my friend made!) From making an account this semester, I can say it is definitely addicting and time-consuming though so I can understand if you’d like to stick to your blog.

Sam, I really love the idea behind your site as well as your branding. Your site is visually engaging and very refreshing with its unique graphics. I think your personality comes across in your posts which are written well and very nicely put together. Though you consider yourself to be “average” at most things, consider me impressed! (That 20 min corsage, wow!) You have also inspired me to try more creative projects just for the fun of it. I hope that you continue with Average Sam after the semester, as it seems like it has given you a much-needed opportunity to unwind from all the work you do and create some art!

– Victoria


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