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Peer Review #2: Chii’s Sweet Home

Hi everyone!

In this post, I will be reviewing my peer Chii’s blog, Chii’s Sweet Home. Straight from the beginning, I am able to tell from the name and various mouth-watering header images, that Chii’s Sweet Home is a food-related blog. This is further reinforced by the subheading which reads, “Home-cooked recipes, inspired by Asian cuisine with a touch of Western-style.” The menu bar at the top makes the website very easy to navigate, along with the addition of a search bar which is very helpful for a recipe-organized blog. 

Since Chii does not have any social media channels linked, I have focused my review only on Chii’s Sweet Home. As I get into my suggestions in this review, I will be writing directed to Chii.

Hi, Chii! From the first peer review, a suggestion for you was to change the colour of the text/ background on your site. I do enjoy the warmth of the pink background but agree it can be a little hard to read, so I think maybe a lighter tone of pink with a white text would be easier on the eyes.

Chii, I think the organization of your blog posts is on point! It is nice to see a description of the food at the top of the post and a clear list of ingredients and instructions underneath it. A suggestion I would have is to include photos as cover images on your posts, as this will draw your readers in visually instead of depending on the text. This goes along with our discussion of branding in class, and how the majority of cues we first take in are actually visual cues. You include step-by-step photos in posts which are great, like in this “Mitarashi Dango Recipe,” and I think a photo of the final product as a cover image would really encourage your viewers to click on the post.

I’d love to see you post more recipes on your blog or if you want to incorporate other less-time consuming posts, some options could be to talk about your favourite meals/recipes for different occasions, “Top 10 dishes,” or some other fun food-related posts!

Best of luck with your blog, Chii!


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