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Peer Review #1: Dev Job Today

Hi Everyone! Today I will be reviewing my peer’s site Dev Job Today. If you are a new or aspiring software developer and are in need of confidence or advice – Sam’s site is the place to be. As this post will be including feedback, I will be writing it directed to Sam.

Hi Sam!

Right away, I enjoyed the humorous opening you have on the homepage of your blog which tells readers who you are while drawing them in to read more. Another thing I think you nailed really well is the formatting of text on your site. You also utilize bold text and spacing well so it is appealing to your readers. I think the variety in headings you use is really great for the types of advice posts you are writing. Also, the light background is very easy on the eyes, without being plain.

Despite not looking for a job in software development myself, I found the first post I read from your blog, “Confidence Comes From Practice Not Preparation” to be quite motivational.

After reading a few more of your posts, I was able to get a good idea of who you are as a brand. Your about page does a really great job of summing up your mission statement as you state:

I help new devs develop confidence and land their dream jobs by sharing interview tips, ways to practice, insights from the other side (as a used-to-be new dev and now occasionally the interviewer) and much more.

I know you just started on WordPress, so I am sure there are some things you are planning to revisit but here is what I found would help your site:

  • I think a menu on your home page would be great to organize your posts and be an easy way to your about page too. Without one it is a bit tricky to navigate on the site. “Read The Dev Job Secrets” is a great heading to your posts and something you could keep in your menu.

  • I noticed you utilize links throughout your post which is great, though I think it would be worth setting the links to open into another tab. This way when readers follow the links, they will not lose your blog in the process.

  • Overall though your writing was quite good, I did notice a few errors you might want to look out for while editing. There were a few times the tense changing seemed awkward and you were missing one or two words.

  • As noted in this week’s readings – one being the potential story behind the Apple logo – logos can invoke recognition and connect a meaning or story to a brand. I noticed on your old site that you do have a computer face logo. If you can, I would say this would be great to have on your WordPress site. It would give your reader an immediate visual as to what your blog is about if you have it near the top header or by your name. Using this on your Twitter as well would help to create a sense of cohesion over your platforms and establish your brand.

Not being a software developer myself, I was surprised that I resounded so much with parts of your content.  I think what you are writing about is universal in the way that these are struggles people can face in every job industry. This way, your content can appeal to people from a variety of backgrounds. However, since it is important to narrow down who your audience is, you have done that splendidly with your focus on devs. 

Sam, I had a great time exploring your blog and I am excited to see where you go over the semester.

Good luck! 

– Victoria

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