Vision Board Pt.2

Hi everyone! This is my vision board for my blog “Procrastireader” on which I will now develop my professional self. After blogging for a semester, I have a better idea of the type of content I like to create and the voice I have online. As part of my professional self, I plan to include more book reviews and incorporate more of my own photos and videos by using other social media platforms like TikTok. Though I am “The Procrastireader,” I hope to use my blog “Procrastireader” as a place where others who relate to this love of reading as an escape can find a community. In my vision board, I used cutouts from magazines and printed my icon of a girl sipping tea to serve as my “logo.” I chose pictures of nature to show how I often feel transported to another world while reading. I also made sure to include my little slogan “reading to avoid the unpleasant things in life,” which I got from a Tumblr post that inspired my name. I would encourage anyone who is interested in journaling or creating their own vision board to try it; I had a lot of fun creating something by hand instead of online for a change!

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