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Vision Board: The Procrastireader

This is my vision/aesthetics board for my blog. I created it to represent the vision, feel, and ideas behind my blog. While these are not my own photographs I did pick them based on photos I may like to share within my posts later on. I included the text post which inspired the name of my blog. Also, when I enjoy a book I often look for quotes or text posts about it, long after I read it. I like visiting the library and bookstores a lot especially with friends. My favourite places to read are probably in my bed or somewhere in nature. I included an annotated book as though I don’t often write in my own books, I like to keep notes or place sticky tabs in the pages. With my vision board, I hope to convey my love for reading and hopefully it is something you as a reader can also identify with! 

*Disclaimer*: None of these photos are mine, they were all found on Pinterest.

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