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Process Post #8: Making a BookTok

Hey everyone! I had a lot of fun creating this week’s blog post. I have been loving fashion and discovering new styles especially watching fashion related videos on Tik Tok. I love it when people are creative and create outfits inspired by fictional characters like the recent Harry Potter trend. On Twitter, I also saw a lot of people posting pictures where they recreated “book covers as outfits.” I had been wanting to do something related to this eventually for a post and as this week’s mini assignment was to remix something, Kayla at Musings for a Middle Child and I decided to do it together. We saw the act of creating outfits from books to also be a sort of remix!

I initially was not sure exactly which trend we would try to follow, just that we wanted to do something outfit and book related so I threw a bunch of clothing items I thought would work in a bag and went to her house. We ultimately decided to create a TikTok based on outfits that we’d wear if we were characters in each of the books. Check Kayla’s process post for more on what the chaotic process really was like…

It was quite time-consuming because once we had an idea of what we wanted to do, we still spent time on TikTok deciding what sound we wanted to use. I think I spent a lot of the time scrolling through BookTok as well for “inspo” and potential sounds. We ended up deciding on this song as it has been used for the “outfits I’d wear to steal your girl” trend. Since our outfits were inspired by characters or what we’d imagine we’d wear in the settings of the books, we titled it “outfits we’d wear to steal book characters’ lives.”

Throughout the process, I learnt a lot more about filming TikToks and how hard transitions are. It was a fun but also stressful experience (Kayla’s phoned died when we were like ⅗ outfits through). I have gained a lot of respect for people on BookTok/TikTok who no doubt spend hours perfecting their videos!

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