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Process Post #7: Peer Review Reflection/Design & Voice

This week’s process post will be a reaction/reflection on the peer review written for my blog by Hope at A Blog For Life Livers. I was excited to read my peer review from Hope because from reading her blog, I knew she was also a book lover. She starts it off expressing how she relates to the title of my blog which I loved. I agree with her when she says that she has started new books to procrastinate finishing other books, which she started reading to procrastinate tasks in the first place. The cycle of procrastireading really exists…

Hope did not leave me any specific critiques on my blog but I still appreciated her review a lot! She wrote that she enjoys the theme I have on my blog and that my voice and personality come through my posts. I realized today that having my own personal and casual voice present has been something I have been trying to convey through my writing. It is as if I am talking to a friend, and is a happy break from the normal formalized writing that I have to do for class. The theme I have been using on my blog is called “Ashe” and while it has its limitations, so far I have been happy with the design and aesthetic I have been able to create.

I am finding that having a blog is a bit different than other social media since you are kind of in your own corner of the internet. Compared to other platforms it takes a little more effort to find a community and share your posts with others. I was happy to read how Hope enjoyed my posts as it was encouraging to know that people are actually reading what I put out and are enjoying it. 🙂 I thought it was funny she mentioned running into book pyramid schemes like the one I wrote about because my previous reviewer Kyra did too. Reading the peer review by Hope made me realize the many hours of WordPress tutorials and headaches have paid off, but makes me eager to learn more so I can continue to impress with my blog! *Cover photo is my own*

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