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Process Post #6: Who is my audience?

Hi everyone! This post will be a kind of reflection on who I am picturing my audience as so far and how I would like to grow my blog in the coming weeks:

So far, I have been imagining my audience to be others in the book community who may also be bloggers or use other platforms like Goodreads or Twitter. I have been active in the book community in the past, at times lurking, but also posting and reposting. Recently, I have been trying to promote my blog on my Goodreads and Twitter so I can hopefully connect further with those communities on my blog. I have a few friends irl who are book lovers so I plan to share my site with them too. When I think of the book community I belong to, I think of teen/YA books and people who fit this demographic.

Possibly in the future, I will have publishers or others who work in the book publishing industry looking at my blog and reading my reviews or other writing. I am aware that there are other viewers who probably just stumble by my blog (if you’re one of them, hello!) so I hope they are able to find something they enjoy or relate to.

While writing my posts, I have started writing more with my audience in mind. By asking questions at the end of my blog post, I hope to encourage discussion. In the case someone reads my post and enjoys it, they may feel compelled to answer and share their own thoughts. 

Over the next few weeks, I would like to grow my blogging community and engage in it more myself. I think I will try becoming more active by reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts that I enjoy, participating in book tags created by others, and checking out my peers who have also created book blogs!

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