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Process Post #5: Design & Peer Feedback Reaction

I really appreciated getting advice last week from Kyra at Falling For Fashion on my blog and getting to write about hers! It helped me to understand what is working for my blog along with what I should work on to improve.  One piece of advice I took was to make the text more visible on my profile photo since it already has a colourful background. I took this advice and changed it to a simple text over the photo to make it more clear. I also wanted to make this design more cohesive so I changed my header to match the calligraphy style font I have been using in my featured images. 

Another tip Kyra gave me was to add more about myself on my “about” page. I definitely was inspired by her “about” page where she details her future aspirations and fashion story, so I plan to add more details like this soon to my page! It was cool how she mentioned that my “storytimes” section caught her eye which I originally wasn’t sure about adding so I’m glad! I am now trying to think of what other blog posts I can add to this section in the future.

A site that has struck me with its great design elements is Drizzle & Hurricane Books. I love how everything – down to the raindrop shaped social media icons – goes with their theme. It uses complementary colors and the text is soft on the eyes. It definitely is a site that has inspired me to create a unique theme on my own blog. I have noticed a few bloggers have design elements with their names which they use to end their blog posts as a kind of signature. I really like this idea as it makes the post even more personal and cute. On Drizzle & Hurricane books they also often make use of the umbrella emoji which goes along with their theme and use “drops” as a rating system.

Going through Drizzle & Hurricane Books has definitely made me appreciate design elements and inspired me to think of what I can be adding in my own posts. I am happy so far with my design elements in the organization blog, but I would like to add more graphics to create a theme and a signature as a personal touch!

I’ll try it here:

Love, Toria

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