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Process Post #3: “How I Got My Attention Back” / Blog Organization

Reading the article “How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod made me think of a previous semester where in my Communications class we had the challenge to participate in a digital detox for a day. While it was only a day, (24-hours) it was a bit strange and definitely a challenge. It was almost a relief to have an excuse to not be on my phone as oftentimes I feel the need to reply to messages immediately which can be stressful. It also made me realize how often I reach for my phone just out of habit or get distracted from what I initially meant to do and will spend hours aimlessly scrolling. Usually, I would reach for my phone first thing in the morning, but when I didn’t I realized how much time I would fill just doing that.

I think if my situation in life allowed it (unlike now) I would like to go offline for longer. I don’t think I could go for a month like Mod, but possibly a week and then I might create habits for reducing unnecessary screen time. However, in the current situation, a lot of contact with my friends is over text or social media which I would not like to lose. Perhaps I could just limit time on social media. Especially, as I am currently spending excessive amounts of time staring at a computer screen; my eyes, brain, and frankly my whole body needs a break from it. I would probably find more time to actually read books too. When I get busy it can be easy to think I have no time to read when really there are opportunities during breakfast or in between class if I put my phone down. 

(Cover photo taken by me: kayaking & reading in the summer!)

In terms of my content organization, I have created an infographic to display how I have organized my blog/ plan to organize it further. On my menu, I have my Home page, Blog, Academics/Pub 101, About Me and Contact. Under the blog section, there are categories for Book Reviews, Book Recommendations, Storytimes, and Book Tags. I created the section “Academics/Pub 101” to showcase the work I do for this course and plan to add the category “Academic Archives” to add some book-related essays I have written in previous classes that I am proud of.

Next in my “About Me” section, I have an introduction along with sharing some things that I love. I hope that my “About Me” page will be a way for viewers of my blog to connect with me and see if we have common interests even beyond books. My “Contact” page is something I am still working on at the moment but I plan to include links to my social media, my email, and a contact form that people can fill out. In the future, I may add a “review policy” in case an author or publisher wants to reach out and ask me to review a book.

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