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Process Post #2: My Blog Setup So Far

So far in the setup of my blog I have watched a lot of  WordPress tutorials on YouTube and referred to a few other book blogs as inspiration and to get an idea of how a book blog might be set up. A few that have inspired me are May at Forever and Everly, Fadwa at Word Wonders, and Chaima at Books With Chaima. I have linked them all here, so you should definitely check them out! They helped me to figure out what types of posts I may like to have on my blog and how to best organize them.

I have now gotten a bit more comfortable navigating my WordPress site but I will probably still be looking up tutorials throughout the process. Still, it feels really good to be taking the time to learn something new and see how creative I can be on my blog! Relating to my vision board, I think I still need to work on the visuals of my website to make it cohesive but I think that will come in time. To create graphics I have been using templates, art, and photos from Canva. I can’t believe I had never used Canva before this! I had always wondered how people made such great photo and video edits for books on Tumblr! I think Canva may be the secret? There are so many options with templates already fit to the size you need on various social channels which could be great for an organization or even just to spice up your personal account posts. Here I am raving about Canva which maybe you’ve already heard of and I’m the last one to jump on the boat… There is a “pro” edition but I have been happy with how many options there are in the free version.

Asides from YouTube tutorials and Canva, I have not used many other resources but I am open to discovering more to improve my skills along this journey. I also recently took some pictures with my friend Kayla at Musings of a Middle Child (check her blog out!) to add to my blog. (The cover for this post is one of the photos we took) I also have an interest in photography so I hope to incorporate that by using my own photos in future postings and reviews!

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