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Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

Reading about “Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling” made me think of how much I know about Pokemon despite never playing the game or watching the show. It feels like not that long ago was the whole Pokemon Go craze. I also had a flashback of being a kid and going to a garage sale where the seller offered me a stuffy if I knew the toy’s name to which I responded, “Pikachu!” I touch a little on other examples of transmedia I have noticed in media I enjoy in this process post. From reading more about transmedia, I understand it to be a type of storytelling that goes beyond the initial text (book, game, show, movie) to be adapted into multiple forms of media and become a part of the fan’s everyday life. *cover photo taken by myself at HP world, an example of transmedia*

For my own blog, I currently have Goodreads and Twitter active where I am able to connect to a wider audience and hopefully bring some people to my blog. If I were to include more media channels I would want to include TikTok (BookTok), YouTube (BookTube), or Instagram (Bookstagram). I have used Bookstagram in the past (thx past Toria for all the photo content) so I think I would have fun making a new account especially with all the new features on Instagram! I have been watching more BookToks to fuel my TikTok addiction and have been loving it. I love how creative people are on the platform, especially with the potential to use and create sounds. While I have always been a fan of BookTube and thought of creating my own, I think BookTok would be more realistic for me as I would be creating short videos compared to full-length YouTube videos. BookTok would also give me a chance to try something new as well as hopefully find a larger audience and be a part of the community there! If I were to grow my audience, a fun way to expand my “digital” self would be to make “Procrastireader” merchandise like bookbags with phrases other book lovers would relate to, and be interested in using in their daily lives!

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