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Peer Review #3: Let’s Talk What I Watch

Hi everyone! This peer review will be directed to Genevieve of Let’s Talk What I Watch

Hi Genevieve, 

I immediately was excited to explore your site when I was greeted by such a colourful and inviting home page! I also enjoy watching movie/TV show commentary on YouTube so I was sure your blog would interest me.

I think right away with your movie-themed graphics and name, it makes it very clear to your audience what your site is about. It was very simple to navigate to your about, blog and academic pages. One thing I thought you could add to your “about” page is your name along with a little blurb about your interests beyond school and film. I came across your portfolio site where you do this super well so maybe you could add it to this site as well! 

Your writing is very clear and I like the way you structure your posts with spaces and links to outside sources. This makes it easy and engaging to read! A tip I have would be to make your links open into a new tab. I think if you changed this, it would help users to not lose your blog page if they navigate to a new one. 

Your blog posts took me back to a film class I took in grade 12 because we watched and analyzed “The Big Short” and one of my peers did a presentation on “Spotlight.” I like how you mention different aspects of the film including the score, acting, and the greater context. In my class, I learnt about how much thought goes into each of these aspects to shape the story-telling, so I like how you touch on a lot of these despite not being a film student! Your commentaries are a nice length and I think this sparks interest in your readers without giving away too much. 

When it comes to monetization, I think an option could be to include relevant ads on your site. I have been seeing a lot of ads on sites for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, and am sure you have too. I think this would be an appropriate way to monetize your site if you wanted because it is closely related to the focus of your site. While Netflix does not seem to offer affiliate programs, this article outlines other streaming services that may have the option. This way if you feature a film in one of your posts you could earn a commission by including a link to “stream here” or subscribe to the platform. 

Another idea would be to add pictures to your posts. An example where you could do this is in your favourite animated movies post or commentaries. I am a visual person so I always find that pictures help me remember if I have watched a movie before or read about it. I think for the movies your readers are unfamiliar with, a picture would also help them to make the connection between your commentary and the film. That way there is no confusion about what movie or show you are mentioning. They may even see a poster of a film in the future and think back to your piece.

I also enjoyed your “Little Women (2019)” commentary (which I hope to watch soon), and your process post on the “Political Consequences of Social Media.” I found it mirrored many of the thoughts I have also been having on the issue. As mentioned in the “Digital Breadcrumbs” podcast, we’ve kind of reached a point where we have gotten so used to surveillance that it does not seem to be concerning anymore. I think you make a great point about political polarization online as that is something I have definitely seen reflected in social media and has real-world consequences. 

Also, you may have seen this already, but your “Media Remix” post reminded me of this TikTok which I just had to share. I hope these suggestions are helpful. I had a great time reading your blog and it reminded me of the many movies I have been wanting to watch!

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