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Peer Review #1: Falling For Fashion

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing one of my peer’s blogs, Kyra at Falling For Fashion. As this will be a review and feedback about the blog, I will be writing this post directed to Kyra.

Hi Kyra, I also love keeping up with fashion trends so I was super excited when I got your blog to review! First of all, I love the collage of recent fashion trends that you have as the header on your blog so I made it the background of this post as well. Your line “the latest and greatest fashion updates” is super catchy and makes it clear to the reader what your blog is about. I think you have chosen a good theme for your blog, it looks clean and is easily accessible as your menu stays at the top while scrolling.

First up, your Home page has a nice explanation of your blog but underneath “Welcome to Falling For Fashion” it is looking a little empty (where I put the circle). Perhaps you could add some widgets here in a “left sidebar” which would be eye-catching, add some colour and fill the space. Widgets you could put include a gallery of outfit photos or maybe a collection from Pinterest, etc. If possible it would also be cool to display your “recent posts” somewhere on your blog for a reader to access if they aren’t sure where to start. You could also add this as a widget or put it on the main page. Graphics from Canva or another site would be an option too! I like where you have the social icons at the footer of your blog and when you add links to your social media I think it will work well. 

I love how you go into telling your “fashion story” on your About page! I was able to relate to you where I also grew up as more of a “tomboy” though my fashion tastes have definitely grown and evolved since then. I think using a Q&A format to organize the page is really engaging to the readers and does a good job of establishing your online self. Also, your photos are super cute! I’m already loving the outfits a lot. 

Now onto your blog, I like the ideas you have behind your posts and the variety of images you use! I thought your post on baguette bags could’ve been a bit longer, maybe you could include more links to sites or mention stores where you could buy them like you did in “The Love for Leather” post. Hyper-links would be great to add to your blog so that way the reader can click on them and go straight to the stores you mention where someone could find the product or similar ones to what you are talking about.

If you wanted to expand a post further, I think it would be cool to hear your opinion on an outfit you’d put together with the item you are writing about and how you’d accessorize it. That way we would also get a sense of how you like to style the trend and it would add a personal touch to it. You could even include more of your own pictures if you wanted to. Another option would be to go in-depth on one or two of the outfits in pictures you include and comment on what works or what doesn’t etc.

Next on your blog, you could add a condensed version of your “about page” under the sidebar “About this site” on the page. A photo to serve as an icon would be a nice touch there too. I especially liked how you adapted the superhero prompt to work with Catwoman talking about outfits and confidence. Here I only noticed a typo with “today’s*” and thought you might want to edit the last sentence as you switch to third-person after being in first-person as Catwoman for the majority of the post. Besides that, throughout your blog I found your writing to be clear and have a nice flow to it.

These are just my suggestions, which I hope you find helpful and I can’t wait to see what more you decide to do on your blog! I think you’re off on a good start, your voice really comes through your writing which is one of the most important things in developing your unique online self.

– Victoria

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